Give your kid the life skills, financial skills, and school & academic skills necessary to succeed in life beyond school.  

Equip your kids to take on the world

Give them the life skills they can't get in school

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The Life Skills Every Kid Needs Now...

Your teens will learn ...

  • How to save thousands of dollars with college scholarships
  • How to make money & save for retirement
  • Easy tricks to improve grades & study skills
  • Confidence & mental resilience to overcome problems & setbacks
  • How to communicate & express themselves
  • And much more!

Do Your Kids Have the Life Skills They'll Need To Succeed In life Beyond School?

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what our clients have to say

"This is an amazing program! I loved the videos, my kids loved them, and they taught us so much!"
Stu Schaefer
World's Greatest Dad
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John Doe
Event Planner
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What You & Your Kids Get

Financial Literacy

Our curriculum teaches kids the key fundamentals to make money, save money, and to make good financial decisions so they're prepared in life.

Life Skills

Kids learn how to deal with the everyday challenges they face in a healthy and effective way. From bullying to peer pressure... these lessons are relevent.

Academic Tricks & Tools

Kids get tricks and shortcuts that the smart students know. These lessons show kids how to work smarter - not harder - to get better grades and enjoy school more.