Online Life Skills Program for kids

This online life skills program teaches parents and kids the life skills to succeed in life after school.  Topics include mental health for kids, financial skills, and academic skills.

What is PrepareMyKid?

Online Academy

Prepare My Kid is an online academy that teaches kids the life skills necessary to succeed in life after school. In addition, Prepare My Kid gives parents the lessons and resources to help prepare your kids.

It's like having an online mentor for kids. We teach proven tools and techniques that prepare your kids for life and teach them how to successfully navigate their lives.

Video Lessons

The Prepare My Kid Academy uses short, fun, and effective video lessons to teach kids.

Kids tend to learn by going online and watching micro-lessons. These are short video tutorials that teach a certain tool or technique. This is driven by the internet and online video sites like YouTube.

Community for Parents and Kids

Prepare My Kid is a community for parents to help each other, and for kids to learn together.

You'll find great content, along with great opportunities to ask questions and make suggestions to fellow parents and kids. As a result -- when your part of the community -- you'll get great ideas and have great resources to help you prepare your kids for life after school.

Stu Schaefer

Stu Schaefer is the best-selling author of Lifetime Physique, and The Novo Method — two books that have changed the lives of thousands of people.

He draws upon his vast experience as a leadership expert to work with kids and parents so they can learn life skills, heal relationships, create breakthroughs, and ensure they’re prepared to succeed in life.

Schaefer experienced a difficult journey as a teen…

  • He got arrested when I was 13
  • had no friends
  • was a C-Average Student
  • had anxiety & depression
  • and became anorexic

That didn’t stop him though.  Instead, Stu rose above his challenges and turned his life around…

  • He graduated valedictorian
  • became confident
  • got a full-ride scholarship to CU Boulder
  • became a published author by age 21
  • and is a successful entrepreneur

Now, Stu shares his tips and techniques so that other parents and kids don’t have to make the same mistakes.

He has appeared on TV shows all over the country, and regularly contributes to many of the leading leadership and personal development magazines…

Types of Life SKills You'll Learn

Financial Literacy

Our curriculum teaches kids the key fundamentals to make money, save money, and to make good financial decisions so they're prepared in life.

Mental Resilience

Kids learn how to deal with the everyday challenges they face in a healthy and effective way. From bullying to peer pressure... these lessons are relevent.

Academic Skills

Kids get tricks and shortcuts that the smart students know. These lessons show kids how to work smarter - not harder - to get better grades and enjoy school more.

Household Essentials

Kids learn how to do the essential tasks around the house, including: Cooking, Cleaning, Laundry, Dusting & Vacuuming, Lawn Maintenance and more.